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1099 Reporting

W-2’s and 1099’s are due to government agencies and employees/recipients by January 31st

If you receive assistance with your payroll and bookkeeping through MHP’s accounting services department, we will prepare your W-2’s and 1099’s with the information we gathered through the year and the following information is not applicable to you.

If you would like us to prepare your W-2’s or 1099’s we request that the pertinent information be provided to us as soon as possible. If the information is not received by January 26th we may not be able to complete the forms by the due date of January 31st. Please see the “1099 Information” link to an Excel document that you can use to provide us with the information we need to file your 1099’s. Click here to upload 1099 Information to us once complete.

If you are unsure if you need to file a 1099 this year, please see the flow charts labeled “Do I need to file a 1099?” and “Does Rent Count?”. These charts will cover the two most common types of 1099s that will need to be issued, the 1099-NEC for contract labor and 1099-MISC for rent.

You may also be required to file a 1099 if your business paid an individual or business more than $600 for any of the following items:

If you have specific questions about whether you or your business are required to file 1099’s or W-2’s please feel free to reach out to us and we can help you navigate this process.